Global Express

Selecting an ultra long-range jet offers a multitude of compelling advantages that redefine the essence of private air travel.

OPUL Global Express


Our Global Express stands out with its remarkable extended non-stop range capabilities, enabling uninterrupted journeys to far-flung destinations. By eliminating the necessity for layovers, these jets offer a seamless and efficient travel experience, allowing you to traverse vast distances with ease and comfort.

  • Passengers: up to 16 | 8 sleeping
  • Cabin Height: 1.90 – 1.95m
  • Cabin Width: 2.40 – 2.50m
  • Baggage Capacity: Large
  • Range: 14,250 km / 7,700 nm
  • Equipped with Starlink WI-FI
  • Bluetooth Connectivity
  • DVD & Blueray Player
  • Airshow with cabin monitor
  • Full aft galley with oven and microwave
  • Satellite Phone System
  • AOC: AV8 Aviation Malta
OPUL Global Express

To request a quote for your next flight on our Global, please email or call +44 (0) 8814 676 960.

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