OPUL Jets, a premier private jet charter provider has announced a significant upgrade to its fleet through a new partnership with SpaceX’s Starlink Aviation. This strategic move will equip OPUL Jets’ compatible fleet with the latest in satellite internet technology, providing unparalleled connectivity to passengers.

Starlink Aviation, the aerospace division of SpaceX, is at the forefront of satellite internet solutions and is renowned for revolutionising in-flight connectivity. With this installation, OPUL Jets passengers can enjoy high-speed internet with low-latency and seamless access to streaming, live sports, movies and more during flights.

OPUL Jets is a premier private aviation charter brand, boasting a fleet comprising Bombardier mid-size, super mid-size, and ultra-long-range jets. They operate from strategically located bases in London, Dubai, Mumbai, and the Isle of Man.

The Starlink system promises download speeds ranging from 40-220 Mbps and upload speeds of 8-25 Mbps, with latency under 99 milliseconds. This allows passengers to stay connected whether they’re conducting business, watching live events, or just browsing the web.

OPUL Jets will be installing the Starlink system initially onto its Bombardier Global Express XRS. This ultra-long-range jet is ideal for intercontinental journeys with a 6,500 nm range. The 16-passenger configuration boasts a comfortable working and leisure environment with onboard catering facilities.

“Integrating Starlink technology into our fleet represents a transformative step for OPUL Jets and places us among the leading private jet companies globally,” said Harry Ackerman, Group CEO. “Our commitment to providing a superior travel experience aligns perfectly with the capabilities of Starlink, ensuring that our passengers can stay connected to what matters most, wherever they are in the world.”

Installation of the Starlink hardware is seamless and efficient, typically completed during routine maintenance checks to avoid any disruption in service. Each aircraft will be fitted with an Aero Terminal (the Antenna), a Power Supply Unit, and two Wireless Access Points, all interconnected with minimal, basic wire harnessing. The smooth installation was carried out by ACC Columbia, Germany and supported by the Starlink Aviation technical team.

OPUL Jets launch of the new Starlink internet service begins this month aboard its Global Express aircraft. OPUL Jets launch of the new Starlink internet service begins this month aboard its Global Express aircraft, which is operated by AV8Jet Charter Ltd, Malta.

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